Keloides Overgrown Scars

They are the results of bad healing and they are faced by using laser having spectacular results.

The long pulse dye laser emits a yellow beam, which is absorbed by the red color of the damage as a result, the reduction of damage and activation mechanisms of physiological regeneration. Therefore, it is important that the damage is recent (red color) to have the maximum therapeutic effect . Even in older (whitish) scars, the results are quite spectacular.

We note the following.
1.It takes several sessions (one every 20-30 days) to achieve significant improvement. In all cases, treatment is individualized.
2. It can not be predicted, the percentage improvement of such hypertrophic scar. But in most cases we have seen good results from the first sessions.
3. The laser treatment can be combined with other therapies (eg injections, etc.)

Cesarean keloid, before and after 1 session:

Chest keloid, before and after:

Shoulder keloid, before and after:

Body keloid, before and after:

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